Commercial services

Here is a brief description of the commercial services we provide. Contact us for any question or additional information you may require.

  • Interior design
    Based on ideas and drawings provided by the client
  • Boutique
    The new construction or renovation of boutiques and stores
  • Professional office
    The new construction or renovation of professional spaces (offices, etc.)
  • Collaboration with design professionals, sub-contractors and trustworthy professionals; all of whom have excellent references from the industry
  • Fixed or hourly rate pricing service; based on the nature of the project and a needs assessment
  • Construction or renovation of other types of buildings
  • Periodical building maintenance – For peace of mind!
    Providing services to building owners, including building analyses and aiding in the prioritization of future work to be done
  • Project management
    Analyzing projects with clients, connecting clients with the right professionals and following-up with clients throughout the project
  • Base building
    Structural work to the building: subdivision of spaces, modification to the premises following the departure or arrival of tenants, etc.
  • Planning
    Organizing the first consultation meeting, conducting a needs assessment and selecting appropriate professional resources
  • Budget preparation and consultation
    Analyzing and preparing a preliminary budget, proposing realistic options that are tailored to each individual budget and making recommendations on how to carry out said project, avoiding and anticipating potential barriers
  • Turnkey projects
    We will guide you through the conception of your plan/ideas provided by our designers and/or architects; from the initial construction to the installation of furniture, accessories and/or cabinetry. We will also be there to support you from the project delivery to the finishing stage.
  • Office and warehouse transformation / remodelling
  • The new construction or renovation of a restaurant

We are committed to the successful achievement of the mandate you have entrusted us with. One way we will achieve this is by making sure that the exchange of information between our team and your professional resources or the resources we’ve provided are courteous and productive. We make it our mission to successfully carry out your project from beginning to end in the most enjoyable manner.

Do you have a project?

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